Jack Daniels Silver Select

I picked up this bottle of whiskey about 15 years ago while on honeymoon and it has remained unopened since. I was always looking for the right occasions but never really had one. I was planning on opening this year because we “survived 2020” but it looks like 2021 is bringing us more of the same LOL. So I’ll keep it for another 9 years and open on my 25th wedding anniversary.

this selection of photos will show before and after shots. the intention is to create a composite image using one light positioned camera right and then again at camera left. both images would be merged in Photoshop. the first image in each par will show the unedited photo. the second the edited photo that will be used in the final composition. the differences between each image are subtle but if you look at each you can see the rim light on the edge of the bottle and the glass. then in the final image the rim light can be seen on both sides.

Speed Light camera Left

Speed light camera Right

The Final image