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NCBI Website Photos

I’ve recently had the pleasure of creating some product photos for the National Council for the Blind of Ireland’s new website relaunch.

The National Council for the Blind of Ireland, the country’s leading sight loss charity serving the approximate 55,000 people who are blind or vision impaired to live confidently and independently.

Our suite of programmes provides practical and emotional support, rehabilitation and opening pathways to education, employment, and full participation in community and public life. It means raising awareness to ensure children and adults with a significant sight loss have the same opportunities, rights, and choices as anyone else in society.

NCBI works every day across the country with people of all ages, from young babies through to older members of our community. We provide services to approximately 7,000 people each year.

The NCBI will also be launching a new Alexa Skill and Google Action called myNCBI in the coming weeks. if anyone is interested in assisting with product testing lease contact the team at NCBI.

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Sunday Photoshoot

Decided to do some product and toy photography today. things like watches and phones are definitely a challenge due to light reflecting from the surface.

The articulation on the new Hasbro Blackseries Action Figures has really improved but i do with they would move away from plastic robes in favour of material/cloth. The plastic robes on the Dark Rey figure really makes posing difficult.