Dún na Rí Forest Park

Legend has it that Cuchulain rested here at night, while single highhandedly  defending Ulster against the armies of Maeve.

Some of the highlights are the Ice House, Toba na Splinne Holy Well and Cromwell’s Bridge. The ruins of Fleming’s Castle can still be seen as well as Sarah’s Well and Sarah’s Bridge, built in 1801, Sarah was a young woman who was in a relationship for so long that when her lover eventually proposed to her that she fell off the bridge in shock. There is of course another suggestion that she could have met her death in more suspicious circumstances.
There have been other claimed reports of paranormal goings on at Dun a Rí Forest Park – it is claimed that an American couple had photographs taken at the wishing well but when the photographs were developed, as well as their friends being in the picture, there was also an elderly man with a long beard.

Cromwell’s Bridge is an old high-arched bridge is thought to have been built by the Normans during their invasion in the 12th century. Cromwell’s troops crossed it in the 17th, on their way to attack the castle of the O’Reillys at nearby Muff. The bridge overlooks an ancient Holy Well called Tobar na Splinne.



Sliabh na Caillíghe

Determined now her tomb to build,
Her ample skirt with stones she filled,
And dropped a heap on Carnmore;
Then stepped one thousand yards, to Loar,
And dropped another goodly heap;
And then with one prodigious leap
Gained Carnbeg; and on its height
Displayed the wonders of her might.

And when approached death’s awful doom,
Her chair was placed within the womb
Of hills whose tops with heather bloom.

Jonathan Swift, c. 1720

The cairns at Loughcrew are the largest complex of passage graves in Ireland. There are two groups of cairns originally built about 4000 bc as burial chambers. Legend has it that Garavogue, the local incarnation of An Cailleach Bhéara was
was attempting a magical spell that required she drop stones on each of the three peaks at Loughcrew peaks.. Had she succeeded, she would have ruled over all of Ireland. She was able to drop her cairns of stones on the first two peaks, but missed her mark and fell to her death on her last leap. the point of her death is marked by one large stone called the Throne of the Goddess. Its said that if you sit on the throne on a star filled night your hearts wish will come true.