Glen of Aherlow

The Glen of Aherlow is a valley located in the Galtee Mountains in the western part of County Tipperary in Ireland. The statue, of Christ the King overlooks the valley. The statue was erected in 1950 on the side of the Slievenamuck Hill, and faces the Galtees, the statue’s raised hand is said to bless all those who pass by it and live beneath it. At the east end of the glen is St. Berrihert’s Well. The well is 20m across and 1.5m deep, and the water that bubbles from it, allegedly, cannot be boiled.

The Galtee Mountains, are a 30–kilometre grass–covered range with a 15–kilometre central ridge section. It stretches from Greenane 801 metres in the east, to Temple Hill 783 metres in the west. This central section includes the highest peaks of Galtymore 918 metres, Lyracappul 825 metres , Carrignabinnia 823 metres , and Slievecushnabinnia 775 metres. Galteemor is the 460th–highest mountain, and 12th most prominent mountain, in Britain and Ireland.