Forensic Photography

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a talk in Navan Camera Club by Garda Sgt David Conway from the Garda technical Bureau on forensic photography. Detective Sergeant Conway has spent over 20 years in the Garda National Technical Bureau. He is involved in in forensic examinations and is a member in charge of Garda Photographic Section. His photography in the Garda division won him first prize in the Europol Law Enforcement Photo of the Year in 2013, with his image of a crime scene investigator swabbing a firearm for potential DNA evidence.

Garda Conway provided a fantastic insight into photography as a non-art career.  While the technical aspects of photography are the same in both Hobby and Professional photography. It clear that they are worlds apart.  There is no room for style, no room for “I’ll fix it in post-production” mentality these images must be correct when he leaves the scene of a crime, and there are no second chances to return another day. 

On a side note if a member of an Garda Siochana is giving a talk, don’t chime in and ask “hey is that an M4 or a HK416 the members of the ERU are using?” it tends to get funny looks from the audience and also may end up with the speaker asking you a few questions LOL

note images in this gallery are the copyright of Garda Conway