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The Child

I’ve always been a fan of the Star Wars Franchise. I’ve read pretty much every novel published, played a multitude of videogames growing up, table top games, watched every movie multiple times. I even tolerate Jar Jar Binks and whinging Anakin in the prequels. in essence I am a geek at heart.

The news that Disney were putting together a TV show expanding on the franchise was music to my ears, that show was The Mandalorian. It’s safe to say that the star of that show was not the lead actor but instead The Child more affectionately known as “Baby Yoda”.


Happy Birthday

This bundle of fur came into our life about 3 years ago. Today we decided to give him an early Birthday celebration and some cake. So Happy Cake day Barkley. Please don’t try this at home, and by try I mean leave a cake in front of a dog for more than a few seconds, its likely to be scoffed up in milliseconds if it goes unguarded as the second half of this shoot will show.

Portraits street photography

Adrian Marciniak

Earlier this week the members of Breffni Camera Club had the pleasure of witnessing a fantastic demo by Adrian Marciniak aka @Flow4Show.

I’ll admit these are not the easiest photos I’ve ever made but think the subject matter more than make up for that.

Adrian is available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, or just some plain old fun. give him a call and check out some of his talented work at

Landscape Portraits Workshops

IPF Northeast Region Bluebell Workshop

I recently attended the IPF North East rigion bluebell workshop in Deer Park, Virginia Cavan. after a slight detour (read I got lost) i finally caught up with the main group in the park. I was pleasently surprised to find a young lady graces us with her presence and allowed us all to shoot her for many hours. I’ll think you’ll all agree we are the lucky ones.  It’s safe to say an amazing day was had by all who attended, some great tuition given by the more experienced photographers present.  definitly a spot worth visiting.