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Oristown Bog, Co. Meath.

I’ve always loved being outdoors, just wandering about seeing the multitude of differences in a small area. Yesterday I spent a few hours walking through Oristwon Bog in Co Meath. it was full of the expected and the unexpected.

Historically speaking this bogland was divided among resettled Irish many generations ago. Some have since sold on their rights others can trace their ownership to all the way back.

Unfortunately like many bog lands this is also used as a dumping site but the local Navan conservation society are working to clear it up which is great news. this particular bog also has a checkered past when the remains Brendan Megraw, one of The Disappeared were located in 2014.

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In the Garden

I often find myself thinking “what can I make photos of” or “I’ve nothing to shoot” So during this Covid-19 lockdown I decided to get out and and explore my own garden.

living in a rural part of Ireland really does have its benefits when it comes to nature, my garden is constantly full of wildlife from birds to wild rabbits. you dont need expensive equipment to make these images just some time and patience.

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Fore Abbey Co West Meath.

Fore Abbey is the old Benedictine Abbey ruin just outside the town of Mullingar. Fore is the anglicised version of the Irish name that signifies “the town of the water-springs” and was given to the area after Saint Feichin’s spring which is next to the old church. It was St. Feichin who founded the ancient Fore Abbey around 630. By 665 there were 300 monks living in the community.

In the 13th century Hugh de Lacy, Lord of Meath and landlord built a Bendictine priory nearby. Many of the remaining buildings are from the 15th century and have been restored throughout this century. This priory was dedicated to both St Feichin and St Taurin, the Évreux.

The Abbey is also noted for what locals call its 7 wonders:

The monastery built upon the bog.
The mill without a race. St. Fechin reportedly caused water to flow from the ground and operate a mill that had no visible water supply – in reality water from Lough Lene flows through the ground.
The water that flows uphill. St. Fechin reportedly used his staff to make the water flow uphill
The tree that has three branches/the tree that won’t burn. Pilgrims place coins in it, giving it the name “the copper tree.”
The water that doesn’t boil in St Fechin’s holy well.
The anchorite in a cell
The lintel-stone raised by St. Fechin’s prayers.


Glen of Aherlow

The Glen of Aherlow is a valley located in the Galtee Mountains in the western part of County Tipperary in Ireland. The statue, of Christ the King overlooks the valley. The statue was erected in 1950 on the side of the Slievenamuck Hill, and faces the Galtees, the statue’s raised hand is said to bless all those who pass by it and live beneath it. At the east end of the glen is St. Berrihert’s Well. The well is 20m across and 1.5m deep, and the water that bubbles from it, allegedly, cannot be boiled.

The Galtee Mountains, are a 30–kilometre grass–covered range with a 15–kilometre central ridge section. It stretches from Greenane 801 metres in the east, to Temple Hill 783 metres in the west. This central section includes the highest peaks of Galtymore 918 metres, Lyracappul 825 metres , Carrignabinnia 823 metres , and Slievecushnabinnia 775 metres. Galteemor is the 460th–highest mountain, and 12th most prominent mountain, in Britain and Ireland.


Lough Sheelin

Lough Sheelin is over 7kms long, more than 3kms wide and borders three counties, Cavan, Meath and Westmeath. Lough Sheelin as legend has it from a fairy well, and was used by a village as its water supply. The rule by the Fairy was that lid had to be replaced every time it was used. One day, someone neglected to replace the lid and the waters rushed out, destroying the village and created the lake.


Fields of Gold

You’ll remember me when the west wind moves upon the fields of barley
You’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky as we walk in fields of gold
So she took her love for to gaze awhile upon the fields of barley
In his arms she fell as her hair came down among the fields of gold.

Sting 1993

There is something special about returning to the same spot a few years later. I first made photos here about 3 years ago and thankfully not much has changed.

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Bective Abbey, Co. Meath.

Bective Abbey was Ireland’s second Cistercian abbey, established after Mellifont Abbey in 1147 by the King of Meath. It was one of the country’s most important monastic settlements, as its abbot sat in the Parliament of the Pale. In 1195 the headless body of Hugh de Lacy was reinterred at the Abbey, his head going to St. Thomas’ Abbey, Dublin. the head and body were later reunited and reinterred in St. Thomas’ in Dublin.

After Henry VIII’s suppression in 1543 the Abbey was made into a manor house handed over to civil servants in reward for their loyal work. The earliest remaining stone work dates from 1274 and includes five bays of the south arcade. Also remaining are the claustral and conventual buildings that were reconstructed in the 15th Century. Fortunately the cloisters are beautifully preserved and include a fantastic carved pillar of an Abbot with a crozier kneeling on one of the cloister pillars. Beacuse the structure looked so like a castle it and the nearby Trim Castle were used as locations in teh movie Braveheart.





I’m done, Stick a fork in me a.k.a Goodbye 2018; Hello 2019

To all my followers, family and friends out there I wish you and yours a happy peaceful New Year and 2019. I hope it brings you lots of Joy and happiness. What ever your goals are this year I hope they are achieved.

As is often said, start the year as you mean to go on, so today I tried to catch some light and went to Ballyjamesduff in Co, Cavan for Golden hour.  While the light did disappoint I hung around and managed to capture a few shots of the local lake. I’m hoping 2019 will mean more pictures than the latter half of 2018.  The next couple of months will be focused on my L panel for the Irish Photographic Federation which I sit in March. So fingers crossed that goes well.


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New Virginia Town brochure

Absolutly delighted to have my photo below selected to be used in the new Virginia Town brochure. this brochure highlights all that wonderful ammenities that Virginia town has to offer.



Below is a selection of other photos of this wonderful town.

Virginia Town




Landscape Portraits Workshops

IPF Northeast Region Bluebell Workshop

I recently attended the IPF North East rigion bluebell workshop in Deer Park, Virginia Cavan. after a slight detour (read I got lost) i finally caught up with the main group in the park. I was pleasently surprised to find a young lady graces us with her presence and allowed us all to shoot her for many hours. I’ll think you’ll all agree we are the lucky ones.  It’s safe to say an amazing day was had by all who attended, some great tuition given by the more experienced photographers present.  definitly a spot worth visiting.