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Oristown Bog, Co. Meath.

I’ve always loved being outdoors, just wandering about seeing the multitude of differences in a small area. Yesterday I spent a few hours walking through Oristwon Bog in Co Meath. it was full of the expected and the unexpected.

Historically speaking this bogland was divided among resettled Irish many generations ago. Some have since sold on their rights others can trace their ownership to all the way back.

Unfortunately like many bog lands this is also used as a dumping site but the local Navan conservation society are working to clear it up which is great news. this particular bog also has a checkered past when the remains Brendan Megraw, one of The Disappeared were located in 2014.

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In the Garden

I often find myself thinking “what can I make photos of” or “I’ve nothing to shoot” So during this Covid-19 lockdown I decided to get out and and explore my own garden.

living in a rural part of Ireland really does have its benefits when it comes to nature, my garden is constantly full of wildlife from birds to wild rabbits. you dont need expensive equipment to make these images just some time and patience.