street photography Workshops

Navan Camera Club Street Photography Workshop

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Street Photography workshop in Navan Camera Club. this particular workshop was hosted by club member Hayden Hammerton it was then followed up by a discussion a few days later by Irish Street Photographer Des Byrne.

Street photography at its heart means candid photography of life as it occurs A street photograph has needs to be unposed moment. However a person does not have to be in a photo for it to be considered a street photograph. Trying to define street photography difficult, you can’t fully describe it, but you know it when you see it. It is a way of connecting with the world and bringing back the moments that stand out.

Is it ethical to photograph strangers in public without their permission? That depends on how you feel. Also always look up your local laws regarding street photography, as I am not a lawyer. In Ireland it is legal, there are moral/ethical dilemmas regarding photographing children, vulnerable or homeless people etc.  for me personally if a picture conveys a story then as a photographer I should endeavour to capture that fleeting moment. However I am personally always mindful of those less fortunate or vulnerable. I won’t for example make a photo of a homeless person that identifies that individual, likewise if I see a scene with a child I may very well make the photograph but may at a later time decide not to use it.  If approached and asked to delete a photo where possible I oblige.  No photograph is worth an incident.

My love of street photography stems from my personality, I am an introvert by nature so to stand outside a moment and capture it in a photo without being a party to that moment suits me. Add to this I find it fascinating to capture unguarded, honest and candid moments of life. Simple thinks like two people enjoying a coffee reminds me that too often we don’t take the time to sit, wait and enjoy life.


Podge Kelly Workshop in association with Epson and Sheldon Fine Art Papers

I attended a workshop on Saturday by Podge Kelly held in Breffni Camera Club last Saturday. As usual Podgeshared his knowledge on the mythical creature that is lighting breaking it down and demonstrating simple everyday techniques to light portrait photos from using existing Bar lights and even a house hold torch.  Amazing how a scene that most including myself would shy awayfrom can yield such fantastic photos. Podge then went on to show some extremely useful post processing techniques.


The Second half of the day was a wonderful demonstration by Shelodon Fine Art Papers on Epson printers and papers. That’s my Christmas list already filled up.




Landscape Portraits Workshops

IPF Northeast Region Bluebell Workshop

I recently attended the IPF North East rigion bluebell workshop in Deer Park, Virginia Cavan. after a slight detour (read I got lost) i finally caught up with the main group in the park. I was pleasently surprised to find a young lady graces us with her presence and allowed us all to shoot her for many hours. I’ll think you’ll all agree we are the lucky ones.  It’s safe to say an amazing day was had by all who attended, some great tuition given by the more experienced photographers present.  definitly a spot worth visiting.